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My Girls 3.00

Track your menstrual cycle and calculate fertility

My Girls allows women to track when they are at their most fertile. View full description


  • Tracks the cycle of multiple girls
  • Easy to use


  • Primitive user interface

Not bad

My Girls allows women to track when they are at their most fertile.

Whether you want to have a baby or you want to not have a baby, My Girls can come in handy in helping to get a handle on a woman's level of fertility.

My Girls is actually pitched in a very strange way and, according to the program's help, it "keeps you informed about your girl(s) by analyzing their female cycle, which heavily influences a girl's mental state, her lust for sex, etc." I'm not quite sure then, if it's aimed at fathers, husbands or boyfriends. Anyway, My Girls makes for a pretty simple way of tracking a woman's menstrual cycle.

Issues covered

My Girls provides information about a range of factors, including the day of the cycle and the days to ovulation, as well as issuing ratings for fertility, PMS and menstruation, based on the current day in the cycle. You can manage multiple girls in the program, and have the facility to edit any of their details at any time.

In terms of its presentation, My Girls is a little feeble, and the interface is very basic. It would've been nice to have a calendar display to make things a bit clearer.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep track on your "girls" then My Girls provides a quick and easy way of tracking their menstrual cycle.

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My Girls


My Girls 3.00